Jeanne not only offers one-on-one individual private coaching, but specialized sessions (group and individual) for specific requirements based upon the situation as well. Everything is customized to meet the needs of the client.

Some of Jeanne’s customized programs for coaching include:

  • Support to patients undergoing serious medical treatments

  •  Teenagers who are stuck and in need of additional support and guidance

  •  Couples who are dissolving their marriages and in need of creating parental plans

  •  Groups of entrepreneurs who want to act as a network of support and learning

  •  Clients who want to have a one or two day intensive of private coaching

  •  Couples/families who are in dual relationships both in personal/business

“When Jeanne asked if I wanted to be involved in a monthly session with a group of entrepreneurs to talk about our deepest hopes and fears on a personal and business level, I agreed to join. With a bit of trepidation as I am not a touchy feely, group share kind of person.

Well, that group, those sessions, were some of the most valuable moments of my life. Yes, there were some tears, but there were also howls of laughter. I learned not only from direct advice from Jeanne, but from listening to and observing the thoughts and issues of my fellow members. We had the luxury of sharing our weaknesses (or perceived weaknesses…lesson learned) in a safe, nurturing environment. And the fact that Jeanne was as transparent as we were in her dialogue just made the trust even deeper. Let me repeat, TRUST.

Jeanne has the ability to hit the nail on the head when it comes to something you are struggling with but then, she gives you the skills to cope, grow, thrive. I forged amazing friendships because of those sessions and also became a more confident businesswoman. I am a better person because of Jeanne Esti.”

~W.M., entrepreneurs and small business owner, Boston, MA