Private coaching and group coaching programs are designed to provide the solutions and tools needed to overcome challenges and roadblocks so that you can live the life that truly inspires you. One-on-one coaching is a wild, exhilarating and life-transforming ride and my tenacious stance invokes fierce courage in my coaching clients. Our sessions create lasting and immediate change but it also opens you up to a whole new world of possibility that you may not have even allowed yourself to consider.

As a certified personal coach, with hundreds of hours of experience and coaching education, I empower you to permanently have the transformation you deeply desire in your life, while always reflecting your values, your dreams and your highest ideals.

Personal coaching unlocks the door to your dreams, including:

  • Helping you design the life that leaves you most inspired

  • Causing immediate and permanent change

  • Awakening you to things you didn’t even know you desired

  • Getting to the truth of what your heart holds as its deepest ideals

  • Releasing you from what is holding you back

“Coaching with Jeanne has been an absolute full out assault on my limiting belief system that said I couldn’t have the life I so desperately wanted. I knew I had the talent—I just needed to overcome the fear. Jeanne helped me to see that the time was now!”

~ Michele LeMaitre, Owner, Michele LeMaitre Photography