Executive Coaching

Compagna Corporate sees executive coaching as the foundation of all services provided to our clients. Seasoned leaders, especially new leaders, can struggle with confidence, balance, pressure to exceed corporate expectations and how to manage multifunctional and multicultural teams. Our focused work with leaders and high-potentials helps to broaden their capabilities, foster new and achievable visions that produce extraordinary results.

Focused on core values of integrity, transparency, achievement, creativity and fun, we create, implement and support our coaching clients by designing an individualized plan custom-made to the growing and changing needs of your leaders while always holding the mission of the organization in clear view.

Our executive coaching services are customized for each client’s needs, but a few examples of our work include:

  • Intently work with high-potentials and leaders to broaden their capabilities and communication

  • Expand vision and perspectives to produce extraordinary results

  • Raise the standards by inspiring transparency, integrity and camaraderie

  • Develop and maintain a plan customized to the needs of leaders aligned with the mission and needs of your organization

“It’s through my conversations with Jeanne that I have uncovered and owned my greatest assets and come to understand my challenges, especially those I was continuing to put in front of myself. What is most unique about Jeanne is her intuitive ability to draw out patterns and cause me to reflect on my learning at work and then help me use this information to also improve my life outside of work. You have one life to live- I’ve found I’m living so much more fully with Jeanne to support, challenge, and champion my life”

~ E.E., Massachusetts