“Jeanne was a gift – literally her life coaching services were gifted to me at a time in my life where family and friends could not help me, despite all of their good intentions. When Jeanne came into my life, I was at an all time low and was so emotionally and physically drained that I was frozen, ashamed and completely terrified. Over the next two years, I discovered a partner who provided me insight, “homework” and the tools to take steps in the right direction. Jeanne helped me articulate my goals, conquer and face my worst fears and provided me with a perspective and compassion that I needed at that time in my life. Always keeping me true to my objectives with professionalism, confidentiality and love.

If you’re looking for “3 simple steps” or a program based on “good vibes” then Compagna isn’t for you. If you’re willing to open yourself up to a certified professional life-coach with insane insights, a wit sharper than a Ginsu knife and a commitment to you as an individual call Jeanne. Jeanne was my partner who helped me move forward by tearing down old beliefs and re-writing the narrative I previously lacked the courage to whisper out-loud. I have nothing but love and respect for this woman who literally saved me from myself and believed in me when I couldn’t believe in myself. I am forever grateful to Jeanne.

~A.H, Fairfield, CT

“Working with Jeanne, I am continually championed, challenged and cherished, as she provides a safe jumping-off place for me to grab hold of the life I want and live it! Jeanne is a coach that stands unfailingly with integrity and compassion, firmly with her clients in whatever journey they are on. Her coaching style is filled with compassion and commitment. As a client you feel held, but continually called forth by her to use your own power to change YOUR life.”

~ K. S., Boston

“When “the future” seemed too overwhelming to manage, Jeanne’s exercises helped me clarify my personal and professional priorities and visualize a life incorporating all of them. She taught me how to live in the present and to make decisions of all sizes with confidence. But, best of all, I developed a set of useful strategies to use whenever things don’t go according to plan”

 ~ A. G., Washington, D.C.

“Jeanne helped my family and me during a time that was of incredible struggle and pain as my husband and I were divorcing and we were worried about the profound effects this would have on our children and we had reached a roadblock around custody. Jeanne worked with us for months to create a plan that included our parenting plan, our separation of assets, and taught us a way of communicating that we still lean into today. I honestly don’t know what that experience, which was so sad for all involved, would have been like without Jeanne’s counsel, compassion and coaching.”

 ~ M. S., Boston

“I first met Jeanne after a break up. I was a mess–I thought things were bad. Well, hold on for this roller coaster ride. My situation turned into a life threatening circumstances. I am positive that I would not have had the same outcome had Jeanne not been there for me.

I was diagnosed with two types of cancer one month apart. I had three major surgeries, two extra emergency stays at the hospital, and months of chemo and radiation. Jeanne never wavered. She was there literally the whole time. (Really, I mean she showed up at the hospital with flowers.) I spoke with her weekly and looked forward to her support. Fast forward, I needed a life change.

I needed a new start–Jeanne got that and helped me. I owned a successful business and had tons of wonderful people close to me, but I still needed more and she got that, too. She is brilliant in business and what makes her so special is she is also a brilliantly compassionate human being. She helped steer me in the direction to get the most out of selling my business and starting a new life.

So here I am, with Jeanne’s help and support, some tough love and a kick in the pants! I have been able to move on and discover a new beginning. I was happy, healthy, and supported all the way.”

~ Janeen Parave, Business Owner, J Parave Salon and Spa, California

“When Jeanne asked if I wanted to be involved in a monthly session with a group of entrepreneurs to talk about our deepest hopes and fears on a personal and business level, I agreed to join. With a bit of trepidation as I am not a touchy feely, group share kind of person.

Well, that group, those sessions, were some of the most valuable moments of my life. Yes, there were some tears, but there were also howls of laughter. I learned not only from direct advice from Jeanne, but from listening to and observing the thoughts and issues of my fellow members. We had the luxury of sharing our weaknesses (or perceived weaknesses…lesson learned) in a safe, nurturing environment. And the fact that Jeanne was as transparent as we were in her dialogue just made the trust even deeper. Let me repeat, TRUST.

Jeanne has the ability to hit the nail on the head when it comes to something you are struggling with but then, she gives you the skills to cope, grow, thrive. I forged amazing friendships because of those sessions and also became a more confident businesswoman. I am a better person because of Jeanne Esti.”

~ W.M., entrepreneur and small business owner, Boston, MA

“I have always known that I wanted to be a professional artist but I told myself that was too risky and that it wouldn’t be lucrative enough. Coaching with Jeanne has been an absolute full out assault on my limiting belief system that said I couldn’t have the life I so desperately wanted. I knew I had the talent—I just needed to overcome the fear. Jeanne helped me to see that the time was now! That I was risking so much more staying small than I ever would risk actually taking this leap—so we made a plan and I went for it! Now I feel like I have to pinch myself every time I create a piece and almost pass out when I sell one!”

 ~ Michele LeMaitre, Owner, Michele LeMaitre Photography