“I had the good fortune of spending one of the best trips of my life with Jeanne Esti. On a team leadership retreat in the countryside of Tuscany, Jeanne and I set out to bring together 20 very diverse European professionals for a week of leadership development, collaboration and togetherness. We all put ourselves in Jeanne’s capable hands – and what transpired was truly magical. Jeanne made it okay to bring your “full heart and mind” to the session, and that resulted in an understanding and a bond that transformed us all into a unified force that is still strong today. It was the “lift” we needed in order to operate as a high performing team.

I have subsequently tapped Jeanne for multiple coaching assignments with other senior leaders across various businesses, and regardless of the context, her impact is always a force of positivity for the coachee, and in turn, the greater organization. I have grown to truly value her partnership, her openness, and her caring spirit. In this process I have made not only an awesome partner, but a very unique and wonderful friend in Jeanne.”

~ Susan Ross, Senior Vice President, Human Resources, Marketing & Communications MasterCard

“Working with Jeanne on my leadership style and communication, both at levels above and below me, has been an amazing experience. Jeanne brings her vast business knowledge, strong empathy and very effective communication skills to each session so she immediately identifies and shifts critical areas of focus.

Jeanne is very smart and business savvy, which was important to me because I needed my coach to have that level of credibility, understanding and expertise at my professional level. Her knowingness of how corporations operate and her direct no-nonsense nature made her a great partner in helping me to navigate complex situations. Jeanne greatly helped me to clarify what I want to achieve in my career and helped me to communicate it clearly so I lifted any roadblocks on my path.”

 ~C-Suite Level Business Leader, Fortune 500 Company

“The three days the Europe Marketing Management team spent together, coached by Jeanne, will remain in my memory forever. Even being a quite close team, always working well with each other, Jeanne was able to help us find those little hidden corners that could make us work much better, unified and much happier.

The process followed made each of us open our minds (and hearts), sharing perspectives that only each of us had as private until then. And that magical moment where we all started sharing and respecting our own beliefs while understanding each of others’ universes, was something truly priceless that I will never forget.

I believe today, after those super funny intense days of coaching, that we all have a much stronger connection that makes our day-to-day simply easier and more effective. We all know each other much better (personally and professionally), which added another element on why being part of this team makes me feel really proud. Never in my life have I enjoyed a coaching session like this… NEVER!”

~ David Molina, Head of Sponsorship, Marketing Europe at MasterCard

“The retreat I organized with Jeanne has been one of most amazing moments of my career. The initial idea was to organize this retreat for my team (eight different nationalities based in six different locations) to have quality time together but more importantly to recognize the outstanding work of the team for the past two years.

Having Jeanne lead, as our retreat facilitator and coach, made this team building a much more effective, impactful and fun experience for all. She helped to put more discipline to our time together, facilitated the conversation that helped us to get to know each other more deeply and to understand each other’s perspectives. For three days she was constantly coaching both the team and individuals because we were all so eager to have more insights and deepen our learning and she was determined to make sure we all went home with learning for our business and for our personal lives.

The decision to have Jeanne as a team coach and facilitator made the retreat one of the most effective team building events my team and I have ever had, reinforcing and strengthening our relationships, our collaboration and our motivation. It was the best investment ever made!”

~ Monica Biagiotti, SVP-Head of Europe Marketing, MasterCard

“You will see a huge return that pays off not just in the next several months in your business but in other areas of your life as well. The thing with the work Jeanne does with you, or what she did with me, was to get to the bottom of my fear, made me face it, and see that it was not really all that tragic. I told her, and honestly believed, before we started working together, that ‘I could never compete against my old boss.’ I would not even consider it.

I remember exactly where I sat for the conversation and I remember that I was a brick wall in my belief. She asked me again and again, ‘Why not?’ and she made me answer over and over again. What she does is so simple but at the same time it is almost like magic.

I look and think back to that time and what I thought and wonder how I was so stuck. Jeanne got me unstuck. Actually she didn’t get me unstuck – she does not DO anything for you – she makes YOU do it, and with that comes such life-changing power.

Now, when I’m fearful and it happens to everyone, I pull out the tools I have learned – the biggest one being that if I am not going to try because I might make a mistake — guess what? — I’ve already failed.”

 ~ E.W., Business Owner & Powerful Entrepreneur

“I found Jeanne through a friend and imagined myself hiring a formal coach only during certification to complete the requirement. Fourteen months later…here I am with an immense love for Jeanne and all she has given me. She is funny, sharp, supportive, and although sometimes it can be tough – she doesn’t miss a beat.

While I hired her to coach me on being a coach, I’ve found that she’s coached me on also being a better wife (to-be) leader, daughter, friend, and perhaps most important, being  the me I want to be. I can’t say enough about how appreciative I am for having her as my coach!”

 ~ E. S., Boston

“It’s through my conversations with Jeanne that I have uncovered and owned my greatest assets and come to understand my challenges, especially those I was continuing to put in front of myself. What is most unique about Jeanne is her intuitive ability to draw out patterns and cause me to reflect on my learning at work and then help me use this information to also improve my life outside of work. You have one life to live- I’ve found I’m living so much more fully with Jeanne to support, challenge, and champion my life”

~ E.E., Massachusetts

“They say conviction is the secret to winning, give Jeanne a call to discover your true values and face your next conflict with conviction.”

~ J. H.,